​​​Own Your Own Successful Business… Purchase an Electrotherapy Machine!

Slimming machines for sale 

"Business in a Box" refers to the fact that you need nothing more than this machine and (reusable adhesive) electrodes for your clients.  No lotions, potions ect!

If you purchase two machines you can make double the amount of money at the same time.

Elmarie will provide you with the best equipment in physical therapy, programming of software for weightloss and training.  You will deal with her directly at all times as this is a very personal business..

Mention website specials.  We offer volume discounts for larger businesses.

​Another consideration is that the Electro Body Sculpting Machine is manufactured in the USA, which means all repair parts are also kept available for quick turnaround if the unit needs repair (which is rare…)

Other machines on the market will have high costs in consumable products - this can add up to thousands of dollars a year in savings for Electro Body Sculpting Machine users.

Start with just a single small treatment room within an existing spa or salon.

Return on your investment in as little as three months!

​​All inclusive "Business in a Box" on sale NOW

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