I own a Spa in Florida  and have been doing body treatments for over 10 years ,and I am always staying on top of the latest ,greatest machines to bring my clients the results they want. Last year I discovered the ElectroBodySculpting machine by Elmarie and added the treatment this year to my spa . This is by far the most impressive and powerful, results-oriented machine of anything I have come across . Elmarie went above and beyond to answer all my questions and then flew down here from California to deliver my machine and spend 3 days with my staff and myself training on the ElectroBodySculpting. Our final day we hosted an Open House that proved to be extremely successful . Thanks to Elmarie's presence to help out and answer any and all questions for our clients, we generated immediate income from all who attended !

Denise P, Florida

Finally, I discovered ElectroBodySculpting!!!

By far the most impressive and powerful, results-oriented treatment of anything I have yet to come across.  I flew down to Orange County to spend a day with Elmarie and to receive a treatment…I had no business spending this kind of money at the time but I was so convinced that I needed this for my clients after experiencing it on my body that the next day I gave her the deposit.  5 months later I purchased a second machine as the demand was so much…this is a easy treatment for one person to do on two clients at the same time…double money.  I can't say enough about the "uniqueness" of this machine…there is NOTHING else out there that even comes close.

Laurie, California

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I have been working with other technology in the market but nothing comes close to Elmarie's Electrotherapy machine.  I was blown away and very impressed with the results that my clients achieve.  In two weeks my one client lost 10 inches!  Who would have thought one machine could create so much excitement and revenue!   All that without doing much physical labor!

Marylou, R.N and Esthetician, California

We have a Body Wrap Spa in Michigan and when a fellow colleague told us
about  Elmarie's Electro Body Sculpting, we became very interested. She had
purchased the system and told us because of the great results her clients
were receiving,  the unit had paid for itself in  two months. My partner and
I are always looking for new concepts and this sounded like it was a perfect
fit. We got our first EBS last September, bought our second in January and
our third in March. They have totally paid for themselves with in two months
each. The results our clients are receiving are fabulous. I, myself have had
great results; I have lost that hard to get rid of shelf below my waist.
Also there was an extra benefit  as when Elmarie came to train us, she sold
seven out of nine packages to our clients in one day!!!!
Thanks for all your help and support  Elmarie you are the greatest!!

Joni, Michigan